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Hootie & The Blowfish - Hold My Hand (Official Music Video)



Published on 10 years ago

You're watching the official music video for Hootie & The Blowfish - "Hold My Hand" from the album 'Cracked Rear View' (1994). "Hold My Hand" features a backing vocal from David Crosby.

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Comments :

Anonymous User

Anonymous User . 3 hours ago

Back when black people could actually sing


nosman069 . 11 hours ago

I don't wanna hear Darius Rucker I wanna hear Hootie & The Blowfish


BGerbs66 . 1 day ago

Homie on the drums looks like Trevor Lawrence

Tanner Brown

Tanner Brown . 4 days ago

Pc principle strong women brought me here lol

Defence Football

Defence Football . 4 days ago

Anyone here from friends

Clueless Valkyrie88

Clueless Valkyrie88 . 4 days ago

PC Principal: hired a female vice principle Also PC Principal:


Edward . 5 days ago

No disrespect... but this has to be the most simple...great...lucrative...song ever.

Crista Coffey

Crista Coffey . 6 days ago

“Okay I’ve checked and Hootie and the Blowfish isn’t in your ears”

Ambar & Victor

Ambar & Victor . 6 days ago

long live hootie and the blowfish. better music than now in days smh

Tammie Severs

Tammie Severs . 7 days ago

We played this song in a slide show at my soldiers memorial service


jbshave . 1 week ago

The people who gave a thumbs down for this song, need to be taken outside, and monkey stomped in the mud!!! lol

Nafiur Rahman

Nafiur Rahman . 1 week ago

What’s so PC about this?

Bhasker Thapa

Bhasker Thapa . 1 week ago

Yo! Rhino!! Got me thinking hand or horn, or tail of a rhi no

Matthew Bagley

Matthew Bagley . 1 week ago

PC Principle.

Edward Martin

Edward Martin . 1 week ago

Oh the 90s

Vince T

Vince T . 1 week ago

God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Amen

Vince T

Vince T . 1 week ago

God Loves you .....

Tommy Payne

Tommy Payne . 1 week ago

This band never amounted to much. I heard the lead singer went song years ago. Evidently the solo career is not working either as the band is back together now.

Keela Cahill

Keela Cahill . 1 week ago

guys I think hootie and the blowfish are in my ears.

zenas maravilla

zenas maravilla . 1 week ago

PC Principal

Mike Chisel

Mike Chisel . 1 week ago

Here because of Key and Peele.

Jaki Norton

Jaki Norton . 1 week ago

PC Principal

seth loebbakah

seth loebbakah . 2 weeks ago

This is the best song in the world why can't it be number one on vmas?


BogusMojo . 2 weeks ago

This a pretty good example of simplicity can be the musicians best friend. This song is pretty straight forward lyrically, the chord progression is simple and the overlaying hook stick in your ear.


Mzn . 2 weeks ago

Pc principle

Ed Phipps

Ed Phipps . 2 weeks ago

Southpark? I stopped watching that when i was 13? Still love Hootie. Kyle always had a good message. :)


plmoknty . 2 weeks ago

If you grew up in the 90s you knew great music.


Spousalhawk . 2 weeks ago

um I keep hearing hoodie and the blowfish - pc principle

Pasi _99_

Pasi _99_ . 2 weeks ago


Frank X

Frank X . 2 weeks ago

Thanks Hootie for this song; I thought about the 1percent, the super rich that control the world. As around 300 of them like Sparta scream New Atlantis, I hate to burst their bubble even though I love and pray for them Christ and I am have their own plans for renovation, remodeling and molding and welcoming man - I'm sticking with Christ forever. I pray the reason their doing that is to move all resources fast in an Alien attack of sorts or to save the planet, either way they are still playing God - oh if the super rich only had a little faith in Jesus Christ.


MrUnlimitedTorque . 2 weeks ago

Excuse me, is anyone also hearing Hootie and the Blowfish?

Free Cuba

Free Cuba . 2 weeks ago

I 🖕 southpark

Fuc U

Fuc U . 2 weeks ago


flavio 3.0

flavio 3.0 . 2 weeks ago

Thank you Pc Principle for the music ...

moor hertz

moor hertz . 2 weeks ago

Thank you Southpark 👍🏻😃


BigBewtieHoles . 3 weeks ago

those shorts on those guys are just so sexy.

Lord Vader74

Lord Vader74 . 3 weeks ago


ShellzFilms LLC.

ShellzFilms LLC. . 3 weeks ago

I miss this era of music.. 1994 was great for me

Lisa King

Lisa King . 3 weeks ago

The man can sing!!!!!

do whiletrue

do whiletrue . 3 weeks ago

Let's give a shout out to the incredible backup vocals.

Kaylib Rand

Kaylib Rand . 3 weeks ago

hootie ....

Elisa From Wii Sports

Elisa From Wii Sports . 3 weeks ago

Anyone else hear cause of Impractical Jokers

Doug Winegar

Doug Winegar . 3 weeks ago

Hootie is better than Darius


Awesome_Name . 3 weeks ago

Strong woman

chris pearson

chris pearson . 3 weeks ago

Thank that lord for South Park and hootie and the blow fish

Jason Ho

Jason Ho . 3 weeks ago

If you are listening in 2019 let it be heard!!!


ugiswrong . 3 weeks ago

Shit sounds better at 1.25X

David Krugs

David Krugs . 3 weeks ago

What an awesome group, where have I been.

Lady Karess

Lady Karess . 3 weeks ago

Just heard this again in a vegan grocery store

Michael west

Michael west . 3 weeks ago

I'm a OTR Trucker and jamin to this throw back rolling down the interstate

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