Jeremy Ethier

Jeremy Ethier

Published on 6 months ago

The faster we burn off fat, the better, right? Wrong. In this video, you'll learn the truth about losing fat in the most effective way. What most people don’t realize is there’s actually an upper limit as to how much fat you can lose every week. And if you try to push past this weekly limit by doing more cardio or eating even less for example, then you’ll now start to lose substantially more muscle instead of fat. Do this for months on end which many people unfortunately do, and you’ll eventually end up with a “skinny fat physique” – with too little muscle and still too much fat.

So now the real question becomes what’s the MOST amount of fat you can lose per week while minimizing muscle loss in the process? As this is going to better enable you to attain the lean, muscular physique you’re after instead of just winding up skinny fat. And to answer this question, we’ll use the findings of a 2005 paper by researcher Dr. Alpert, who used various fat loss studies in an attempt to quantify the maximum amount of fat one can lose per day without excessive muscle loss. What he found is that the body is capable of burning body fat to use for energy at a maximum rate of 31 calories per lb of body fat per day. Once you exceed this rate, the body then has to tap into your muscle mass in order to make up for its energy needs.

Well, if you’re truly seeking to lose fat as fast as humanly possible, then here’s what you’d do. First, find out what the maximum daily calorie deficit and weekly fat loss number would be for you using the process I outlined earlier. Then, to achieve this daily deficit, you would use a combination of eating below your TDEE or maintenance calories, performing regular resistance training, and throwing in additional cardio. Then, you simply monitor your body weight throughout the weeks and try to hit your target maximum weekly fat loss number.

Then as you progress and your body fat continues to decrease, you’d want to slow down your rate of fat loss to minimize muscle loss by again re-calculating what your maximum weekly fat loss number would be at your new weight and body fat percentage. So over time, the rate at which you lose weight should slow down.
And that’s basically all there is to it. But, with all that being said, I do want to provide some pre-cautions.

First of all, keep in mind that this protocol is a very aggressive approach that employs a fairly large calorie deficit, high activity, and a fast rate of weight loss. For some who are more experienced this may be completely doable, but for most people especially those just starting out with their fat loss journey, it’s just unrealistic and very difficult to adhere to, and you’d be much better off taking a longer, less aggressive approach that you’d be more likely to stick with. Second of all, as researcher Dr. Albert points out, even if you’re under this 31 calorie/lb limit I outlined it doesn’t mean that you won’t lose muscle mass.
It simply represents a threshold value past which the rate of muscle loss starts to become exponentially large.

So if you’re truly seeking to maintain as much muscle mass as possible or even build muscle while losing fat, then again a less aggressive deficit would be best.
But all in all, if you get motivated by seeing results fast and can adhere to a tough protocol, then, by all means, go for it. Otherwise, taking a slow and steady approach and making positive long-lasting changes to your lifestyle is what I’d personally recommend, as that’s more often than not what delivers the best results.

hope you were able to see that sometimes burning fat faster isn’t always better. Within my Built With Science programs, we not only put careful thought and research into helping you lose fat efficiently, but we’ve also created in-depth tutorials for tracking your calories and macros so that you can execute a cut perfectly.

To join today, simply head on over to and take the starting point analysis quiz to discover the best program for you.


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Jeremy Ethier

Jeremy Ethier . 6 months ago

What do you think about this fat loss protocol? Comment below! Hope you all enjoyed this one – let me know what other topics you’d like to see me cover and I’ll get on it! Cheers!

Ben Yang

Ben Yang . 8 hours ago

Already lost 25 pounds in 2 months by following this video :)


jjcampbell80 . 10 hours ago

I’m John...I’m 200 LBs...I’m skinny fat like that dummy shown 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️


shvn. . 1 week ago

[ 1 kg ]

Thanos K

Thanos K . 1 week ago

If i am not mistaken it isnt healthy to eat underneath 1200 calories a day when on a diet.Ans the xalories i am being told to consume are 1.021

Dale Stiles

Dale Stiles . 3 weeks ago

By my calculations I established elsewhere, I need to lose 18 inches and 72 lbs. It will likely take me from Dec 29, 2019 to May 2021 to complete. I start in the morning.

bhrugurajsinh jhala

bhrugurajsinh jhala . 3 weeks ago

How can I have 3255 calories deficit


POLLY WAYNE . 1 month ago

Can kids at the age of 12 do tjis and follow the method

John Leslie

John Leslie . 1 month ago

Why John must be the subject of every example sighs

el mao

el mao . 1 month ago

just fast

mehdi mvi

mehdi mvi . 1 month ago



Rando . 2 months ago

I have been doing Resistance training and have been on a 1250 calorie diet for 2 months now. I lost 22 pounds so far, but the last few weeks i have been losing less and less than before. This video explains why.

Jessilene Silva

Jessilene Silva . 2 months ago

I really like seeing you around here !

Jessilene Silva

Jessilene Silva . 2 months ago

I can't mesure it in lbs hehehe down here we use kilograms. Would you put both in your cards, please ?

Junaid Adam

Junaid Adam . 2 months ago

Doesn't the body burn more fat if one has a higher muscle mass? Because more muscle burns more fat

Ravenous One and the Other

Ravenous One and the Other . 2 months ago

Idk if im skinny fat or just my abs are not defined enough lol No jokes btw.

Hady Najjar

Hady Najjar . 2 months ago

Now this is what a true “how to lose fat tutorial” video...everybody else keeps talking about what to eat and what not to do Here it tells you exactly what to do and it simply does say that u must be in a calorie deficit

No Extent

No Extent . 2 months ago

I want to agree with this but this is all theoretical hypothesis based on studies. I'm no genius but if you meet you protein intake NEEDS. Then there should be no muscle loss. Maybe a muscle density change due to the output of glycogen. I say if you're truly about that life. Egg whites, protein powder, and enough carbs to make it to the gym but only as a crash diet lol.


TomB . 2 months ago

I recommend shaving those ugly ass armpits. Welcome to civilized 2019.

Denmark Belmoro

Denmark Belmoro . 2 months ago

I'm skinny fat I eat 6 meals a day. I'm 65 kilos can I decrease white rice?

Lil Yara

Lil Yara . 2 months ago

Dammit I lost weight to fast Now I'm skinny fat please help me

Sanat Biswal

Sanat Biswal . 2 months ago

Nice informative video

Paras Makkar

Paras Makkar . 2 months ago


naruto uzumaki

naruto uzumaki . 2 months ago

I have a doubt so does max calorie defecit means tht john needs to take 1240 calories or something like im confused??

Kavach Saxena

Kavach Saxena . 2 months ago

Just what I needed, have a trip coming up and need to be leaner haha thanks a lot

Pablo Ascencion

Pablo Ascencion . 2 months ago

Should I cut out fruit for good? I love grapes and I feel like they’re making me fat but idk if it’s me or they’re actually killing my gains 😫


Mercator . 2 months ago

dont cut your calories by 700 or 1200 it will slow down yo metabolism and you will regain it after you return to your regular lifestyle or even more, loosing fat is a slow steady process, cut down max 200 calories unless u have like a wedding or an event coming up in that case u can use extreme diets and exercises other than that dont rush it.

Jip Tardij

Jip Tardij . 2 months ago

So in order to do this calculation, you need to know your bodyfat%, how do you know what that is?

Arun LSK

Arun LSK . 2 months ago

@jeremy is this calorie deficit after accounting for exercise also, or just with food?

Yung Halfricana

Yung Halfricana . 2 months ago

Finally. someone who says it straight to the point.. thank you.. been watching so many videos and they just enjoy the sound of their own voice its annoying ... people just want the answer right away. appreciate it dude

Randy Los

Randy Los . 2 months ago

In kg?

Sponge ❶⓿ ꪜ

Sponge ❶⓿ ꪜ . 2 months ago

Videos like that don’t encourage u to lose weight .

Zin tepest

Zin tepest . 2 months ago

Is it better to do cardio and weights on the same day for 6 days? Or lets say 2 days of pure cardio and 4 days of weights followed by 1 rest day? Any captains can enlighten me?

Abu Sami

Abu Sami . 2 months ago

What is the back ground music ?? Thanks !

Amir Rastgoo

Amir Rastgoo . 2 months ago

00:00 *Introduction* 00:39 *Scientific Explanation* 01:37 *Individual Calculation* 02:58 *Practical Implication* 03:57 *Precaution* 05:18 *Last Words*


UMIT YAYLA . 3 months ago

Stop eating carbohydrates instead of counting calories

OAAC Médias

OAAC Médias . 3 months ago

Hello Jeremy. So if I understood your video right : I weight 77kg with 19% of body fat. So roughly 15kg of fat. So if I made no mistake I could have a calorie deficit of 1035kcal/day without loosing too much muscle?! And should loose up to 900g of fat by week. Im 33yo my tde is around 1750kcal a day. That mean I can only eat 750kcal and with that little calorie I won't be loosing muscle? This seems insanely low. Every littérature I read about the subject teach me than to maximize fat loss and minimize muscle loss we should cut 10 to 20% of our tdee by day. My cutting plan actually is to eat 1500jcal a day. Do I made a mistake? Thanks.


Zetsuke4 . 3 months ago

Great info!

Chunhin Lee

Chunhin Lee . 3 months ago

Is it possible to combine it with fastening? OR I should focus on body weight X 13 = daily calories intake?? Thanks!

Yorick Daniel

Yorick Daniel . 3 months ago

KG'S... do youhave them?

giorgi khachapuridze

giorgi khachapuridze . 3 months ago

I am not great in english, pls sombody explain, i am 58kg 11%bodyfat how much calories should i get to loss fat without muscule loss?

Emily Fitzowich

Emily Fitzowich . 3 months ago

I have a funny feeling this doesnt apply to women, as they tend to have higher body fat percentage, which would make the deficit ridiculous. I did it for myself (5'2" 150lbs)and that would require a 1160cal deficit every day. Which means I only get to eat a few hundred calories a day. There's no way I would keep any muscle with that kind of deficit.

Here For The Comments

Here For The Comments . 3 months ago

Can we learn the opposite? What's the most amount of muscle I can build before calories become fat?

Young Simba

Young Simba . 3 months ago

If you have little to no muscle don’t worry about this shit 😂😂😂

Pope Gains

Pope Gains . 3 months ago

What if I’m on Clenbuterol

Daniel Salvador

Daniel Salvador . 3 months ago

I weight 146 and have 11% body fat. I did the math and I should be eating 497 calories a day. This doesn’t sound right.

Sheldon lewis

Sheldon lewis . 3 months ago

I have 1.8 pounds per week to lose, I was 68kilos(150pounds) 3 months ago with 15 percent bf, I got a lil fat after that, so I just took 20percent bf as measure.

Jamie Robertson

Jamie Robertson . 4 months ago

I did the working out and it said I should eat 390cals wtf

M.D Records

M.D Records . 4 months ago

No.. maths ,!!,not agian.🥴 We are not going to Mars today

Ethan Waldrip

Ethan Waldrip . 4 months ago

Why am I just now seeing your videos in my feed!?

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