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Freddie Gibbs and Madlib - Bandana featuring Assassin

Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs

Published on 9 months ago

Out now: http://smarturl.it/xBandana


Animation by Jeff Jank

Comments :


SavageSQuad . 6 days ago

Man this album hard!!!


SavageSQuad . 6 days ago

Man this album hard!!!

Gordon Boyle

Gordon Boyle . 2 weeks ago

this beat is 🔥🔥

Sterling Scott

Sterling Scott . 1 month ago

This shit has levels. This might sound weird but it almost brought me to tears with its beauty. Also sometimes it's just a fuckin banger. You know how profound it is to be able to do that shit?

Christian Petti

Christian Petti . 2 months ago

Been on this since the miseducation. Welcome kids


esai . 3 months ago

Freddie Gibbs is a Dopeboys Super Hero..


TheSonOfTheSun . 4 months ago

Assassin's link??

Frankie F

Frankie F . 4 months ago

Secret mixes fallen heroes

Sterling Scott

Sterling Scott . 4 months ago


dirty nikes

dirty nikes . 4 months ago

amazing, i actually cried due to this album being so beautiful


AirmanDuke03 . 4 months ago

Banging Freddie Gibbs out of my system since GTA V in 2013. Stay on top of your game, bro.

Ian Schmidt

Ian Schmidt . 5 months ago

Really confused that this ain’t on the album

Connor Lucas-Loan

Connor Lucas-Loan . 5 months ago

"i give a hater a handicap with this hand cannon"


Isaiah. . 5 months ago

Thank you


ChrisGivesTricks . 5 months ago

I'm wondering why this wasn't in the album

Leonardo Caetano

Leonardo Caetano . 5 months ago

is this the lightworks sample?

Reality TV 072

Reality TV 072 . 5 months ago

Its okay but i expected more the way it was being hyped

UGK M0ni

UGK M0ni . 5 months ago

I play this track Everytime I workout💪.... #Nashville, Tn #EastSide


JEREMIAH Ben ISRAEL . 5 months ago


noah white

noah white . 5 months ago

I wonder why this didn’t make the album

Yung Eteru

Yung Eteru . 5 months ago


John O’groats

John O’groats . 5 months ago

Sasco smashed this tune...

Divine Bebop

Divine Bebop . 5 months ago

This right here is the "Psalm of the Fallen".....holy, yet hard af!!!!! Madlib and Freddie Gibbs you've truly outdone yourself

Tim Gadient

Tim Gadient . 5 months ago

does anyone know why this didn't make the album?

Fantomas Fanto

Fantomas Fanto . 5 months ago

now that gibbs project has smoked the summer, give us an assassin madlib project. that raspy dark don dada voice is goat 🐐 😭😭😭😭


Jay . 5 months ago

Crack Lives Matter 🔥

Beetle Juice

Beetle Juice . 5 months ago

🏃 🤸‍♀️

Aidan McA

Aidan McA . 5 months ago

Anyone here cause it isn’t on the album?


megamac1296 . 5 months ago

The best song on the album and it ain't even make the album.


INMORTEM . 5 months ago

On a iPad?. Truth.


PR4NTIK . 5 months ago

All the beats of 'Bandana' were made on an iPad? Damn!! 🌟


LetsGoToMarsMan . 5 months ago

This is ass


N0tthefather . 5 months ago

Meechy Darko would go flame on this track


pokeman158 . 5 months ago

"Compliments of thee Almighty" Amen.

Iiii iiiI

Iiii iiiI . 5 months ago

yall mad cap this madlib weakest shit to date ipad beat making ass

Jacobi Panama

Jacobi Panama . 5 months ago

APPRECIATE the album y’all wanted this track on there too, but it’s legendary without it.

Ragna Rock

Ragna Rock . 5 months ago

truly epic

Silent Partner Music Group

Silent Partner Music Group . 5 months ago

This kid is a freakin' force and Madlib is absolutely priceless!!!


FroRadio . 5 months ago

Why ain't this in the album tho?


Dxrdabest . 5 months ago

damn why was this song not included in final album


galactus3666 . 5 months ago

How come its not on the album??

Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants . 5 months ago

Why was this not on the album

DaGuru Dom

DaGuru Dom . 5 months ago

this one aint on the album

Ben Tragik

Ben Tragik . 5 months ago

I was wondering why this didnt make it on the album. But as dope as it is, I dont think it fit with the overall vibe of the final album so I think it makes sense that they kept it off.

Vex Shoemaker

Vex Shoemaker . 5 months ago

102 dislikes. Fools....🤦🏻‍♂️

Leo Lius

Leo Lius . 5 months ago

Why wasn't this on the album?

Bailey Brown

Bailey Brown . 5 months ago

WHY IS THIS NOT ON THE ALBUM?? I'm super bummed out

matt halsey

matt halsey . 5 months ago

Don’t understand why this isn’t on the Spotify album, and why killer mike only got a hook and no verse. Other than that this is a great follow up to piñata

Ison Iyatolla

Ison Iyatolla . 5 months ago


Michael Quintero

Michael Quintero . 5 months ago

Weak ass beat

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