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Krissy Cela

Krissy Cela

Published on 1 year ago

Hey lovely people!!


Winner of £300 Giveaway is: laurajanemartin93@gmail.com


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EMAIL: celasimplicity@gmail.com


Instagram: @Krissycela  WomensBest: https://womensbest.com/pages/krissy-cela  This video is NOT sponsored !
All your love and support Is forever appreciated and it helps me continue to produce as much content as possible to help you and your fitness journey because I love you always and forever !

Comments :

Yaquelin Arvizo

Yaquelin Arvizo . 2 days ago

One thing I love about myself is that I am a determined person and when I want something I go get it and don’t give up and that is exactly how my fitness journey began this year, I knew I wanted to see my reflection in a different way so I pushed myself to go to the gym, stay consistent, better eating habits, daily supplements, H2O intake and just motivate myself everyday towards my goals and of course watching all your content whether it’s fitness or nutrition related it’s always a big push and you just inspire me everyday to keep going and I remind myself that results take time and I can’t give up, Thank you for all your content on YouTube and Instagram it has made a huge impact in my fitness/nutrition journey ❤️ Instagram-yaquelinarvizo Email-yaquelinarvizo@gmail.com

Toni Toni

Toni Toni . 4 days ago

What I love about myself I would say is my drive to always put my best into everything I do and train every single morning in my garage at 4 AM!!! AHHHH LOL :) Love all your videos!!!! KEEP THEM COMING :)

HopeFaith LoveJoy

HopeFaith LoveJoy . 5 days ago

Where did you get that tea-pot ??


Ging . 2 weeks ago

Talk too much


Julietata . 2 weeks ago

Your accent hahah😻

Jesse Osornia

Jesse Osornia . 2 weeks ago

Does this work for teenage boys?

Gunner 0007

Gunner 0007 . 2 weeks ago

Ok, you are good looking girl, no doubt. Hope you're equally pretty in person, something life rarely provides out there and about.

Angel of the Light

Angel of the Light . 2 weeks ago

Removing the fiber is sooo bad for your diet. Try using a bullet.

Carol Garcia

Carol Garcia . 3 weeks ago

I love that I was able to find a workout that I really enjoy doing. Love your videos!!

Felicia Sorrells

Felicia Sorrells . 3 weeks ago

Just a FYI...You shouldn't use metal on your coated cookware. Causes the coating to scrape over time and what stuff is very unhealthy. It is really best to cook in cooper or stainless steel!

Felicia Sorrells

Felicia Sorrells . 3 weeks ago

I have watched you for a few months without subbing, for no other reason than I know how to find you! After THIS video and you advocating for your personal convictions..... I'm subscribing!


luexolu . 3 weeks ago

Hello~ so i'm suffering from anorexia for 3 years now and i really want to recover, my lowest weight was 33 kg and i'm 160 cm and 17 years old, now i'm only 38 kg ,but i have some questions - is it okay to eat 1 cheat meal in a week? - is one cheat meal a week will make me gain fat arround my stomach while trying to gain weight? Because i'm really scared to eat my fav food even once in a while and i only want to go up to 47 kg and i'm scared of having belly fat in 47 kg I really need an answer TT


superduperjoi . 3 weeks ago

Breakfast 3 large brown eggs with mushrooms and leeks warm oatmeal/porridge with womens best strawberry whey protein warm Lunch linguini pasta onion garlic (baby corjettes/ zucchini or cucumber) with prawns aka shrimp tomato sauce put in fridge eat cold tea yellow and red peppers whey protein shake after workout Dinner chicken skewers flatbread spinach

Sandy Sandoval

Sandy Sandoval . 3 weeks ago

Love my new self esteem!

Bernadette Nadine Almeda

Bernadette Nadine Almeda . 4 weeks ago

anyone recommend the best juicer that's not big and bulky? hers seem to be easy to use and small. not much clean up

Liquid Space

Liquid Space . 4 weeks ago

I love that you’re so humble and not stuck up. Like some other fitness YouTube’s that I won’t name LOL. You’re so funny and nice! Keep it up hope you make more food videos soon

Katelin Marie

Katelin Marie . 1 month ago

This is random, but I have a question. Maybe a dumb question. How do giveaways work? I understand to subscribe and thumbs up the video. ( I also realize this is an old video) But when you pick the winners do you announce them? Email? I’ve never won anything before so I want to learn, and try 😂

Po Me

Po Me . 1 month ago

Help guys I’m 5’8 118 lbs and I need to gain weight help. I bench and lift weights

Boma chinda

Boma chinda . 1 month ago

first of all that thumbnail is photoshopped, so how can we believe you?

Dana Lynn

Dana Lynn . 1 month ago

What brand juicer is that?? Love your channel!

Iwona Ch

Iwona Ch . 2 months ago

What's kind of juicer do u have?

The James Bond Show

The James Bond Show . 2 months ago

Why would 297 people dislike this!? Krissy you're so watchable. Great video. Thanks so much for making it. Love the accent too 😁


RAHUL TIWARI . 2 months ago

Please show your figure sexy

Lacey Jones

Lacey Jones . 2 months ago

I love my hair <3 dm :p

Sparkle 1212

Sparkle 1212 . 2 months ago

I have no idea what you’re talking about the title is misleading maybe the beginning should have been a separate video

Kathy Close

Kathy Close . 2 months ago


Chama Parker

Chama Parker . 2 months ago

She’s been talking about gymshark for like 6 minutes 🙄


LESLIE MANCERA . 2 months ago

What kind of juicer do u have ?:) brand

Raw Vanlifer

Raw Vanlifer . 3 months ago

Can't figure out why i'm easily building muscle without fat. Oh well. She must be right though?

Simon Matheson

Simon Matheson . 3 months ago

Hey your a total legend your in good shape and are really telling the world spectacular things keep it up. You go girl

Cindy win

Cindy win . 3 months ago

Try this product I have lost the weight but needed help in my belly area .. @t

Tech Mobile Youtuber

Tech Mobile Youtuber . 3 months ago

How many itom prepare juice?


kingfam228 . 3 months ago

What I love about myself? uhhhh how my BBC stands up whenever I look at you 😂😍

john burgers

john burgers . 3 months ago

you would make a great human stew

Annmarie Williams

Annmarie Williams . 3 months ago

Can you please post the menus ingredients for the food that build muscles


Sahara . 3 months ago

Tips from an italian: put the pasta in boiling (and salted) water, the pasta gets soft in few seconds, push it down and stir it every few minutes so it doesn't stick together (no need to add oil)

Robert Bueno

Robert Bueno . 3 months ago


iran Sarabia

iran Sarabia . 3 months ago

Your food videos inspired me to have a healthy lifestyle and still enjoying food

Lauren Key

Lauren Key . 4 months ago

One thing I love about myself is my ability to empathize with others and read them. I am a very intuitive person and I think I have a strong ability to understand people’s motivations and intentions and that really helps me to empathize with them and the situations they may be going through.

Angela Merson

Angela Merson . 4 months ago

God Bless you💕 Praying for your new venture😘

Sema Avcil

Sema Avcil . 4 months ago

Love your videos! Please could you do a video regarding how to do "lean bulk" in regards to workout, food etc pleaseeee 💗


Tiffanyantt . 4 months ago

Please please respond What is the name of the juicer or food processor? Also the coffee device? Thx.Great video

Krystal martinez

Krystal martinez . 4 months ago

one thing I love about my self is HOW DETERMINED I AM TO CONSTANTLY PROVE TO MY SELF THAT I AM WORTH EVERY SACRIFICE EVERY COME UP EVERY GOAL .ever since I started my fitness journey my goal was to prioritize MYSELF. And IM COMPLETELY LOVING IT 💕💕✨✨❤️ Insta@ kristal26_ Email: iranmendez01@gmail.com

cYzS playzzz

cYzS playzzz . 4 months ago

She looks just like Taysa tales

Clare Moloney

Clare Moloney . 4 months ago

Wow thats a big breakfast.


FALCON GAMING . 4 months ago

You are very cute and beauty . I love you

diana x

diana x . 4 months ago

8:45 what is that?

Katie McCaskill

Katie McCaskill . 4 months ago

Love this video! I always love new ideas for food! Something that I love about myself is the joy I bring to a room. My old manager called me “bubbles” and “Katie smiles a lot” I know it’s too late for the giveaway but I don’t mind playing along!!

Destiny Boykin

Destiny Boykin . 4 months ago

Ugh she is so hot no homo. 😂Got a girl crush though. I love her body!!!

homedog two

homedog two . 4 months ago

KRISSmas!!! shame on you, not funny

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