Muted Alpha Behavior

Muted Alpha Behavior

Published on 1 month ago

I'm self-employed so, it's technically true ain't it? | IG/Twitter/TikTok is @TheMutedAlpha

R@W is back! The requests that gets the most likes WILL get done! Plus there are SO many new videos and treats coming for ya'll! I got me a whole new life and I recorded every step of the strange and unpaved way, so SUBSCRIBE and Hit Notifications do you don't miss a step!

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by AquaStoneThrone

Comments :

Hey Ya

Hey Ya . 1 day ago

Do you have a twin I could marry and make EARTH GREAT AGAIN


M P . 6 days ago

You're so beautiful and nice ❤

Jay Mart

Jay Mart . 6 days ago

Gabby, please react to NF's new song Paid My Dues.

Click Games

Click Games . 1 week ago

I love your reaction 😂priceless

katherine delgado

katherine delgado . 2 weeks ago

React to Askjell ft. AURORA To Be Loved please! 🌻🌻🌻🌻

ArtLover Animation

ArtLover Animation . 2 weeks ago

If I had to use one emoji to describe what your reaction was.... 🤯 mind blown

ArtLover Animation

ArtLover Animation . 2 weeks ago

DOG! ❤️ my family has a bichon/shizu mix lol

Squad Butcher

Squad Butcher . 2 weeks ago

Love this song and been stuck on it for days and keep coming to YouTube for it and I love your reactions so yeah I've watched this umpteen times and..... Now I love you

Annabeth Chase Camp Half Blood

Annabeth Chase Camp Half Blood . 2 weeks ago

It’s just a cover from the original song, he got no depression (I think!) 😂😅

Jeremy Rogers

Jeremy Rogers . 2 weeks ago

Keep doing these reactions please you are so exciting to watch and energizing!

AK 7

AK 7 . 2 weeks ago

React to speechless

J Jordan

J Jordan . 2 weeks ago


Brian Lee

Brian Lee . 3 weeks ago

Battle for Disney princess:... brendon urie vs Adam lambert

Brian Lee

Brian Lee . 3 weeks ago

Ok..... brendon urie vs Adam lambert is a vocal battle I want to hear for real

Carla Souza

Carla Souza . 3 weeks ago

Brendon is my favorite princess ever

Reidun Merethe Eriksen

Reidun Merethe Eriksen . 3 weeks ago

Have anyone told you you are stunningly beautiful?

Kyle Watson

Kyle Watson . 3 weeks ago

Can you do a reaction to NF Mansion 😉

Israel Luera

Israel Luera . 3 weeks ago

Ariana Grande is STILL the queen of high notes😊


Celest94 . 3 weeks ago

Please listen to Idina Menzels version

juvia lockser

juvia lockser . 3 weeks ago

brendon needs to play a lgbt disney prince

Red Panda_ Playz

Red Panda_ Playz . 3 weeks ago

I swear brendon sounds good singing anything and everything and anyone who disagrees can back off 😂😂

iq mian

iq mian . 3 weeks ago

This is one of the worst songs ever, sucks big time

Hi _ how_are_you_ 2,3

Hi _ how_are_you_ 2,3 . 4 weeks ago

Please react to I'm sorry by Joyner lucas


The NPC . 4 weeks ago

Your voice. Is incredible. That is all.


musicf3b . 4 weeks ago

I haven’t even seen the first movie and this song makes me want to see frozen 2

Katie Campbell

Katie Campbell . 4 weeks ago

React to bop on broadway by dababy..rap/dance video...i'm sure you will enjoy it.


james4592225 . 4 weeks ago

You should review Dababy - Bop on Broadway! It has almost 10m views in 3 days and people are talking about it right now cause its lit Gabrielle!! It will probably have over 10m views by the time you read this!

Neon Tyler

Neon Tyler . 4 weeks ago

That thumbnail omg 😂

Kinneth Cotingjo

Kinneth Cotingjo . 4 weeks ago

Subscriber from philippines👍


Crazy89Joker . 4 weeks ago

It's been awhile. 💚👍

Dacian Miron

Dacian Miron . 4 weeks ago

Your hair. Is.. So. Amazing....

Feno Anjarasoa

Feno Anjarasoa . 4 weeks ago

New Intro for the podcast?

Chris Freeman

Chris Freeman . 4 weeks ago

Not even trying to be weird, but damn you have a nice smile. Those are some good pearly whites.

Chris Freeman

Chris Freeman . 4 weeks ago

Welcome back! I found your channel after you stopped uploading. I still subscribed in hopes you'd come back


TAPIA.PRPROJ . 1 month ago



sjDOLLAsj . 1 month ago

With that Hair Style , You remind me of Michelle Pfieffer when she plays the role of Selina Kyle in "Batman Returns"

Rohit koli

Rohit koli . 1 month ago

Btw didn't you get copy strike?

Norbert Zoltan Loch

Norbert Zoltan Loch . 1 month ago

Welcome back!!!!!! :D the Awkward and Depressed podcast still a thing?? it's sooo good. Just love hearing you and Ale talk about stuff.

Rudi Mentär

Rudi Mentär . 1 month ago

00:09 OOPS! What was that ;O

Haziq Chee

Haziq Chee . 1 month ago


Isabella GonzalesCook

Isabella GonzalesCook . 1 month ago

React to Lions Over All from lion guard Disney channel 😂

o8 Sick

o8 Sick . 1 month ago

So good to see you again

Karinna L

Karinna L . 1 month ago

the fact that the first full sentence you said after the song ended was "brendon urie is the new disney princess" makes me so happy oh my god

Dylan Perez-Rubio

Dylan Perez-Rubio . 1 month ago

I was gonna like anyways, but when you said "Brendon Urie is the new Disney Princess" I had to pause to find that button to slap.


๖ۣۜM๖ۣۜE๖ۣۜR๖ۣۜO๖ۣۜ . 1 month ago

wtf😢 😂😂😂😂😂💖


SkullHQ . 1 month ago

Love this! Look into the lens tho, not at yourself


Gordianization . 1 month ago


Mhnd &1&

Mhnd &1& . 1 month ago

React to nf when i grow up plzzz


MagatsuUjio . 1 month ago

Yeaaaaah! Welcome back! Your amazing radiance brightens any sour day!

b2ick wall

b2ick wall . 1 month ago

React to "She Used to be Mine" by Sara Bareilles

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