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DIY | Kanye x Tupac Inspired Hat

Spartacus Lewis

Spartacus Lewis

Published on 6 years ago

Blog Post: http://mrdiyinfo.wordpress.com/2013/06/14/diy-kanye-x-tupac-inspired-hat/

Comments :

jesus adame

jesus adame . 2 months ago

My new pup chewed up my favorite trucker hat, great idea glad I didn't toss it. Thanks😆

Brahim Makaveli

Brahim Makaveli . 3 months ago

That shit prolly smells like glue all day that makes u wanna threw up

andre reid

andre reid . 1 year ago

is that a man or woman?

Mamadou Bah

Mamadou Bah . 1 year ago



InFern0 . 2 years ago


CamiStudies x

CamiStudies x . 2 years ago

Why do you need all this !!. Tupac just tied a ribbon on his head 😭

Luis Segura

Luis Segura . 2 years ago

wtf did i just witness

Mehman Makavlei

Mehman Makavlei . 3 years ago

nice video !

Jamal Smith

Jamal Smith . 3 years ago

One blood on the damn ride video wore a bandana like that

BrettB InTexas

BrettB InTexas . 4 years ago

There you go

Muhammet Raşit Yazıcıoğlu

Muhammet Raşit Yazıcıoğlu . 4 years ago

i love it man <3

Anissa Struggs

Anissa Struggs . 5 years ago

10'00 I gave you that man

Anissa Struggs

Anissa Struggs . 5 years ago

Man 10'00 $$ cool you make it

amelia joseph

amelia joseph . 5 years ago

I love it!!

basheer mohammed

basheer mohammed . 5 years ago

great job keep going 

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