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Best Disney Thrill Rides | Disney World Ride Reviews

Rix Flix

Rix Flix

Published on 1 year ago

Rix Top Six thrill rides at Disney World, let's rank them! Click here to subscribe: https://goo.gl/IGmfD7

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You're going to Disney World but what some big thrills. Well, Disney World isn't known for their thrill rides but we've made list to help you find the best Disney thrill rides. These may not be the fastest Disney World rides but they are the best Disney World rides when it come to thrills. They, in fact, are the best Disney thrill rides at Disney World. So in some respects this video will be kind of like a Disney World ride reviews. There are plenty of fun Disney World rides but we want the thrills to go with the magic. But why a top 6 list? Why not the top 10 Disney World rides? I'm just to lazy to do 10, LOL. So we're just do the top 6 best Disney World thrill rides. As a result you're going to get some pov's in this video, like maybe a test track pov, a big thunder mountain pov, space mountain pov, rock n roller coaster pov, a tower of terror pov, but probably not an expidition everest pov. You can also consider this a list of Disney World rides for big kids and a list of best Disney World rides for adults. Don't miss the magic, don't miss the fun, let's begin!

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Comments :

Rix Flix

Rix Flix . 1 year ago

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Alexandra Fisher

Alexandra Fisher . 4 hours ago

TOT is scariest because it pulls u 13 stories in 1 second

Mundo Time

Mundo Time . 7 months ago

6 thunder mountain 5 everest 4 tower of terror 3 astro orbiter 2 rock n rollercoaster Honorable Mention Primeval Whirl Honorable Mention Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Honorable Mention Space Mountain 1 slinky dog dash

Mundo Time

Mundo Time . 7 months ago

WHAAAAAT Big thunder mountain better than slinky dog dash?!?!?!??!? THATS CRAZYYYYYY! SLINKYDOG BEST RIDE EVER!

The Golden Child

The Golden Child . 8 months ago

My favorite rides at Disney: 5: thunder mountain 4 Everest 3: test track 2: tower of terror 1: Rokin’ Rollercoaster

Jon Powell

Jon Powell . 9 months ago

Great Rix Flix Top Six as always!

Gene Paradiso

Gene Paradiso . 9 months ago

Mummy should be in this somewhere!

Cadenerf Vlogs

Cadenerf Vlogs . 11 months ago


Mojo Threadgoode

Mojo Threadgoode . 1 year ago

You two Rock... and Hide rocks...lol... Thank you for all the videos and insight.

Fiona Dorris

Fiona Dorris . 1 year ago

You really need to come to Paris, Tot there beats Florida's hands down, the drops are intense and your hair will fly, when I did florida a few weeks back I came of the tower confused and deflated. I had braced for the drops and felt nothing while people screamed around me, the picture was good though, best I've looked in any ride photo

Ian Baldwin

Ian Baldwin . 1 year ago

Simply can't disagree with your choices. Realising that we need to put some Disney time into our next Orlando trip.

Toxic07 _

Toxic07 _ . 1 year ago

6:10 top trill dragster at cedar point will take to 120 mps in 3 seconds

Rob's Lot

Rob's Lot . 1 year ago

Funny cause we find Tower of Terror easy but there's no way in hell you'd find me on the Rock'n'Rollin rollercoaster πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Aravenslove . 1 year ago

Yesssss Thrill rides! My kind of rides. Never was a huge fan on Test Track but I didnt know it was the fastest. Everything else are my top favorite rides but Tower of Terror will always have a special place in my heart. A fun list with some interesting facts. <3 Yes, Nikki you should make some cute themed bows! Love that idea.


CreateWithMe . 1 year ago

Where did you get your hat Nikki? My 8yr old son loves you guys BTW! We were there from Canada last week and he guided us all over Harry Potter world at universal thanks to you!

Pat Rinker

Pat Rinker . 1 year ago

We only got to try #’s 5 & 6 our first trip. Aly is older and hopefully braver now, so we’re planning to try some of the others next trip. Thanks for the clues!

Mary Ann Wildcat

Mary Ann Wildcat . 1 year ago

Hello! My fiancé and I are visiting Universal next week for our Birthdays 😁 do you have any tips for first time visitors? Like are fanny packs okay to take on rides? Are there places for free water cups? That would be so awesome!

Cyndia Romulus

Cyndia Romulus . 1 year ago

Luv u guys

See Shaun Vlog

See Shaun Vlog . 1 year ago

Most thrilling... RnR or ToT and hey its Jimmy!

Michael Roth

Michael Roth . 1 year ago

Goofy's Barnstormer or the Tea Cups aren't up there??? This list is all wrong!! :D

Abbie Santz

Abbie Santz . 1 year ago

Number 1 totally!! I remember i had finally conquered my fear and rode after my 3rd disney world vacation.. I screamed so loud that can probably be heard across the park πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š I really enjoy watching you two 😎😎

Shawn Rosell's Negrorlando

Shawn Rosell's Negrorlando . 1 year ago

Geezzzzz, that's thrilling. Lol, miss you guys

Matthew Delano

Matthew Delano . 1 year ago

My top 6 would have to be 1) RocknRollercoaster 2) everest 3) space mountain 4) splash mountain 5) tower of terror 6) test track

cindy cavanagh

cindy cavanagh . 1 year ago

I agree Tower of Terror is thrilling. I have only been to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios which was 2008 and 2010. Maybe it's time for a return visit the all four parks.

Ariell Monroe

Ariell Monroe . 1 year ago

I agree with you Nikki! I don't like drops either!

Traci Stout

Traci Stout . 1 year ago

The list you had is really good.

Nikki Cochrane

Nikki Cochrane . 1 year ago

Great job Jimmy!! 🀩

Traci Stout

Traci Stout . 1 year ago

I hope you have a lot of fun πŸ‘πŸ‘.

Denise Jacoby

Denise Jacoby . 1 year ago

Sorry I missed this! Hope it was fun today!

Vignola Sisters

Vignola Sisters . 1 year ago


Julia Mirelez

Julia Mirelez . 1 year ago


Nelsonbat 007

Nelsonbat 007 . 1 year ago

I can’t believe I didn’t watch the Harry Potter video when it came out. I just watched it and it was a great video and I can’t wait for this one. I won’t miss an upload again. Keep up the good work πŸ‘

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