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Oasis Part 3: Harold's Heart - Fallout 3 Lore



Published on 12 months ago

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Comments :

Cameron Kruger

Cameron Kruger . 3 days ago

Fallout 3 has always been fun, it's like a choose your adventure book, in a video game, I come back and play it every couple years and always find new things, and never play it the same way,

Adrigiri Widjaja

Adrigiri Widjaja . 2 weeks ago

Dynamite him

Scaly Coronet

Scaly Coronet . 3 weeks ago

There is no moral dilemma. It’s either to get Linden’s Power Armor or to be a shrub. “Shrub” was a typo but I’m keeping it because it’s a pun

Clayton Peternel

Clayton Peternel . 4 weeks ago

i was looking at mods while watching this video in fallout 4 and i found a mod for a Oxhorn Settler

Mazin Chatle

Mazin Chatle . 4 weeks ago


Alex Harris

Alex Harris . 1 month ago

i was thinking and i play fallout 3 but i haven't gotten to oasis yet . i wonder if this will effect the ending?

Hurricane HD!

Hurricane HD! . 1 month ago

4:55 Oxhorn: there’s nothing else here Silenced 10mm pistol: am I a joke to you?

big K

big K . 1 month ago

This huRts my heart to much

Jacobus Kurnia Kaalapaking A.K.A Lord Promodus

Jacobus Kurnia Kaalapaking A.K.A Lord Promodus . 1 month ago

Harold is the key to humanity's survival. He could cure the wasteland. He is immune to radiation being already mutated and his mutations could absorb whatever radiation remains terraforming the wasteland.

Scooba Steve

Scooba Steve . 2 months ago

What if the lone Wanderer became a tree like harald that may be what happend to him

edward nygma

edward nygma . 2 months ago

anybody else think this dude sound like tom hanks


SLAVICSPACE . 3 months ago

4:08 when l think a boss battle is going to be hard.

Kasper Fox

Kasper Fox . 3 months ago

Im pretty sure even though you killed Harold, Herbert err, I mean bob, is still alive... Bob should continue to spread throughout the wasteland, albeit alot slower noe because he's not being fed extra nutrients via Harold's heart...

BenArchy Uk

BenArchy Uk . 3 months ago

26:57 why does that simple sentence make me feel so emotional...

Johnny Topside

Johnny Topside . 3 months ago

I guess you could say that Harold was HEART BROKEN *Every NPC in the vicinity turns hostile*


PixelLightShow . 4 months ago

25:38 omg nooooo thats so sad


PixelLightShow . 4 months ago

11:23 this is why i loved fo 3. it didn't fuck around even the "GOOD" option often times led to fates wose than death. You just doomed this guy to an eternity of solitude. His only freinds will be the insane cultists surounding him. He will live..and live..and live and live..forever.. in agnoy. All because you where some sheltered ass vault kid with a "hero complex". with no idea about the real world outside of the old comics and super hero storys you read as a child. Congrats you stupid fuck you are actually as evil as the raiders in a way.

Koro Sensei

Koro Sensei . 4 months ago

hi maggots.

Shannon Clay

Shannon Clay . 4 months ago

I wonder if Harold's death wish isn't partially founded in fear of going down the same path as the Master? I don't really think he would, but the fact that the other person exposed to the same mutagen at the same time abandoned his humanity, started a cult, and tried to conquer SoCal has got to make the situation with the Treeminders even more uncomfortable.


daboss640 . 4 months ago

You can also get the robes by reverse pick pocketing something with better defense onto them. This also works with a lot of essential characters, and children. It's quite fun equipping everyone in little lamplight with power armor. You can also prevent people from firing their weapons by taking their ammo; this usually causes them to put their weapon away so you can pickpocket that too. You can then swap their weapons for whatever you want as long as you give them ammo for it.

Mundog Arlyn Brazil

Mundog Arlyn Brazil . 4 months ago

I like your voice


Mr.BloodMoon . 4 months ago

Hey oxhorm can I tell you your nickname oxhorn leghorn that’s the chicken from looney toons!


LostDutchman . 4 months ago

I love Herold. Can we please get him in the next Fallout? Bob too.

Weed master 123

Weed master 123 . 4 months ago

Sneak 100


DogeBoiGaming . 5 months ago

Oooooooo heart

Zabby Parilla

Zabby Parilla . 5 months ago

Kmu Egles


Guitaristmalakian . 5 months ago

So killing him is also a good option, Harold's happy, and the treeminders realised the truth. And for the trees, in my opinion by being exposed to the mutation you took Harold's burden, in a hundred years you'll be rooted to the floor ^^


Gamer328 . 5 months ago

sorry if it doesn't make sense


Gamer328 . 5 months ago

there's this annoying bug in fallout 4 when your building the vault in the vault dlc were you can place things on the ground unless they're in the build area of the vault

Jennifer Smelser Gavin

Jennifer Smelser Gavin . 5 months ago

when talking to the tender yew freezes repley if you did and repost

Andy Garcia

Andy Garcia . 5 months ago

I really like the "Dungeon" theme. I really do. USE THE DEFAULT MUSIC.


Gorb . 5 months ago

I'm surprised that there isn't a dialogue tree that reminds Harold that he is capable of bringing life to the Wasteland if left alive, given that Oasis is so fleshed out.


Nuogard . 5 months ago

you mist the gun

Shadsy The Hedgehog

Shadsy The Hedgehog . 5 months ago

What's with your dramatic voicing?

Emperor Blobby

Emperor Blobby . 5 months ago

I'd hardly compare refusing to kill someone because they're doing a lot of good for others to mass slavery.

Alexander Tams

Alexander Tams . 6 months ago

I wonder what happens at the end credits once you apply the sap that accelerates growth


DigitalLuv . 6 months ago

Okay this is more of a fun did you know, rather than a correction: A fused Stalagmite and Stalagtite is called a Column

Jordan Harrington

Jordan Harrington . 6 months ago

Why does he show all ways of the dialogue I skipped to where I was a followed him and got me kicked outa oasis🤦🏻‍♂️

Billy Dinh

Billy Dinh . 6 months ago

Didn't know trees COME to life after the nuke oof?

Reigne Stephen Regalado

Reigne Stephen Regalado . 6 months ago

The mirelurks always look strange to me in Fallout 3..They look clean than Fallout 4..They're like robots!

Luke Holeman

Luke Holeman . 6 months ago



Dio . 6 months ago

I love trees

Игорь Чернышов

Игорь Чернышов . 6 months ago

I killed him. It was the only way. This is not a live. Not a good one, not even a shitty one either. It is existence. And the human being must live, not exist.

Quintin Easter

Quintin Easter . 7 months ago

Is it me or do the characters look like their glowing

Julianne Reineman

Julianne Reineman . 7 months ago

I would choose to keep "Harold" alive and spread his trees around the Wasteland. But there are ups and downs. The positive is that Harold can keep growing around the Wasteland,and it can make the Wasteland back to what it was. But the unpossitive is that what happens if he grows to much? It would take over the Wasteland. There would be trees in buildings,and all around. But that is a very low chance of happening. But you never know.

Dark Dark

Dark Dark . 8 months ago

*Kills Mirelurks and kings* "I'm not the killing type"

BigRig Joe

BigRig Joe . 8 months ago

"His EYES are still open" You sure about that Ox?

Wild Rocker

Wild Rocker . 8 months ago

As the Institute Director, my deepest apologizes for Harold and Bob. We too have been in this situation. Though most would believe that "the needs of the many" would be a wiser choice by simply letting poor "Bob" live, and even making the Wasteland have a better outcome for mankind...but this is why The Institute is wise when it comes to choices. Our choice was to respect his wishes, and sadly end his life. We did not want to do this, but if we respected him as the (whats left) of the man he is, as well as his gift If we decided to spread his gift for Mother, is would cause others of "lesser politeness" to invate. A mere Super Mutant Raid would send the entire cult to the grave, and imagine what they would do to poor "Bob". Father, is also not correct in our eyes as well. For we understand (as we are the Institute), that his idea is to remain hidden and to keep the gift away from others. We, eventually broke our silence as the Commonwealth "boogyman", and shared are intel and courdesy to others to make the world truly a better place. Tree Father however, may not admit it, but want to keep "Bobs" gift within the cult. Not a wise choice. Raiders will eventually find Oasis and they will destroy it. Keeping things hidden doesnt last forever. 'But what if they never find it you say?" We answer your question with another question: If you truly respected your "God", would you allow him to suffer any more? Even when the Cult is dead and gone, would you want him to be rooted to the ground, for the rest of his long life? Back to Mother, we have questions for you as well. You say it would help the Wasteland to survive and even become a better future for the people by increasing his growth? Our response: It would indeed help the many, but to do this act (against his own will might I add), would make you no better than a Molerat. If you truly respected "Him" you will honor him and his sad wish to die. We too, have had to do some unreasonable things that makes sense to us, but not to others. For instance, blowing up the Prydwen. We aren't doing the the best choice for us, we are doing the best choice for humanity, and we did exactly that for dear "Bob", and if isn't a reason to protect humanity, in this case Harolds life, then what's the reason to fight the good fight? Nobody said it would be easy. Be careful Wastelanders, We are watching. Institute out.

Mr Vaultboy

Mr Vaultboy . 8 months ago

Couldn’t Harold be linked to one of the vaults In fallout 76


TheDarkSeraph . 9 months ago

This is why I wan't a current gen remake of fallout 3. So I can burn harold alive and go "there. Mission accomplished"

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