Learn about good carbs and bad carbs. If you're wondering which carbs to eat for weight loss and if you think carbs are bad for you watch this video. Carbs don't make you fat! Don't Avoid Them!

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Carb Phobia: 0:18
Preferred Source of Energy: 0:44
Two Categories of Carbs: 1:33
Low Glycemic Carb Examples: 3:06
High Glycemic Carb Examples: 3:20
The Quantity You’re Consuming: 4:21
Fiber: 4:45
Maintaining The Balance: 5:03
Stay Away From High Sugar Glycemic Carbs: 5:15

Which carbs are good and which carbs are bad and which ones are going to help you lose weight and which should you avoid to not gain weight. These are some very common questions that I get all the time from my clients both online and in the gym. One thing that's for certain is that there seems to be a giant carb phobia going around. Most people that want to lose weight are under the impression that carbs are the enemy. So I recommend watching this video all the way through because I'm going to explain not only how carbs are good for us but I'm also going to tell you guys exactly which carbs are best to make you lose fat fast. The first thing you have to know about carbs is that they are your bodies preferred source of energy. So before your body will break down body fat for energy it'll first use all the carbs you consume and the ones that are stored glycogen in your liver and your muscles. Just so you know when you consume carbs they are stored in your liver and your muscles and any excess carbs past that are usually stored as fat. The liver can hold about 70 grams of carbs while your muscles will store close to 200 grams of carbs. By building more muscle you're able to absorb and use carbohydrates more effectively into your muscle cells rather than storing them as fat. So weight training can definitely help you process carbohydrates much more efficiently. There are two categories of carbs one is high glycemic and the other is low glycemic. And really the carbohydrates that you're going to be eating can also fall somewhere in the middle and can be considered more moderate on the glycemic index. Its not just black and white. Carbs that are high-glycemic will 1 digest faster, 2 they will spike your blood sugar and invoke a higher and more rapid insulin response, and 3 will drop insulin and blood sugar to normal levels or even below normal levels pretty fast after digestion. Low glycemic carbohydrates are pretty much the exact opposite they digest a lot slower which means they will release glucose at a slower rate causing less of a rapid spike in blood sugar and will just keep your blood sugar and insulin levels at a slightly elevated point not a full out spike but it will be slightly elevated for a longer duration than high glycemic carbs. Usually when you have the low glycemic carbohydrates they don't give you that carb crash that's associated with starchy higher glycemic carbs so you don't usually have to worry about blood sugar dropping too low after digestion. Now normally we've been told that high-glycemic carbs such as bread and white rice and regular pasta are not as good for us when we're trying to lose weight as the lower glycemic ones. This however is totally not true and it's also not true that you can't lose weight while on a higher carbohydrate diet. Just to make sure you guys are on the same page as me some examples of low glycemic carbs are Legumes beans brown rice sweet potatoes buckwheat quinoa barley nuts steel cut oats and many fruits and vegetables. Whereas the high glycemic carbs are white rice instant oatmeal cereals baked potatoes white bread corn and fruits like watermelon and dates. Even though white rice will Spike your blood sugar and Insulin much higher at a faster rate than brown rice you can still lose weight and a lot of it by eating white rice. And the brown rice won't spike your insulin or blood sugar quite as high but it will raise it to a moderate level for a longer period Of time. That's why many nutritionist and fitness experts now say that there really isn't that big of a difference between the two. The outcome of whether you lose wight or not on your diet has a lot more to do with food quantity and quality then it does with if the food is high glycemic or low glycemic or if you have a higher percentage of carbs throughout the day or a lower percentage of carbs. You can definitely put on body fat while having no carbs at all and just having a diet very high in fats and protein. So there's nothing inherently bad about carbs it's more so about the quantity that you're consuming. So consuming tons and tons of steel cut oats can still make you gain weight. The one thing ab..

Comments :

J e f f e r s o n

J e f f e r s o n . 3 weeks ago

*Keto idiots* need to watch this video. Also, the Mayo Clinic has a write-up online explaining the benefits of good carbs.

tom. cruise.

tom. cruise. . 3 weeks ago

Why you talk bla bla bla.. no talk show us😠

Ragermike 777

Ragermike 777 . 3 weeks ago

He should definitely slap his fist more frequently πŸ˜„ love the channel tho

Drake Aamold

Drake Aamold . 3 weeks ago

God is good!!!!!!!!!!

Pine Tar Sports Cards

Pine Tar Sports Cards . 3 weeks ago

Bottom line, like it or not, cut carbs lose weight.....FACT! 3 weeks ago started cutting carbs, about 40 a day, have lost 16 lbs, NO exercise either

Donatella De Patre

Donatella De Patre . 4 weeks ago

No grain . I m Italian and I eat no more pasta pizza bread ad rice potatoes and all cereals. I eat only sweet potatoes fruit and vegetables ..

Nah homie

Nah homie . 4 weeks ago

Do you know we don’t actually need carbs in our system? Because our body produces, so whatever extra carbohydrates you intake is just another unnecessary sugar.

Tony Upchurch

Tony Upchurch . 4 weeks ago

I just watched two dieticians explain this and your video was a much better explanation of the mechanics behind carbohydrate consumption.Β Thanks

sanju sukumar

sanju sukumar . 1 month ago

Didn't like the suggestions at all. It's just the opposite of what u hv been saying in all ur other videos. It's very confusing. U haven't backed up wat u hv said about high glycemic index Carbs being equally good at weight loss with reference to any Research Papers...u just said 'recent research has proved'. Now ur viewers are confused as to what to really eat and what not.

Wiz Loo

Wiz Loo . 1 month ago

So how much carbs should I eat? I have been working out for 5 months and my wight was 71 kg and now I am 77 kg and my length is 175 cm.πŸ’ͺ🏼

Yash Garg

Yash Garg . 1 month ago

Waaaat? I thought instant oatmeal is low glycemic food.

kristopher slaght

kristopher slaght . 1 month ago

Should have had two charts SHOWING a list of good carbs, and a list of bad carbs

Bippa Black

Bippa Black . 1 month ago

he makes me dizzy

JoshuaQuilaztli Pastorelli

JoshuaQuilaztli Pastorelli . 2 months ago

Carbs are good for you

Company Information

Company Information . 2 months ago

That really did not help. Although insightful

Adam Belaunzaran

Adam Belaunzaran . 2 months ago

Why does he talk like a 3rd grader with down-syndrome? And why can’t he just relax his arms while talking?

Cheese Sticks

Cheese Sticks . 2 months ago

"White rice will spike your blood sugar at a much more higher rate than brown rice" Really now, reaaaaaally. White rice is like 71 on the GI scale and brown rice is like 66, lmao. BIG DIFFERENCE.

gene rizze

gene rizze . 2 months ago

White rice? Hell nah. Im asian.


IWant . 2 months ago

really useful video but still don't know what I'm doing wrong ....I'm 1,60cm and eating around 400-500g carbs such as white rice potatoes, homemade brown bread + 60-80g from dairy products, from meat and nuts and some fruits and around 100 - 150 protein from eggs and meat and dairy products every day and still i weight around 55-58 kg cant fucking gain more weight I'm getting even leaner but this is around 3 calories i don't understand

essidro vital

essidro vital . 2 months ago

Dont eat anything that is made of or has these ingredients: sugar, white flour, powder (onion, cheese, etc) or something that is fried or highly seasoned or flavour. I dont understand when some people want to lose weight but they still keep eating cookies, chips or chocolate.

ed low

ed low . 3 months ago

Brown rice has arsenic; white rice does not.

Dsaturday Fwight

Dsaturday Fwight . 3 months ago

so portion control it is!

Serge Baron

Serge Baron . 3 months ago

Take vitamins B complex to help your metabolism.

Rizwan AQ

Rizwan AQ . 3 months ago

Thanks from Pakistan πŸ‘


Joey . 3 months ago

If you have instant oatmeal original (low sugar) is it still a good carb?


VlarikTv . 3 months ago

This guys videos are shit, first he says eating low carbs and high fat and protein will make u lose weight but nowwwwwwwww you gain weight from it. Just stfu and stop doing this shit

Daisy Aaliyah

Daisy Aaliyah . 4 months ago

this has been the most elaborate video that I've seen explain carbs in such a clear way. i watched 6 videos prior to this one but this one answered all my questions. THANK YOU


Iskren . 4 months ago

Ice cream 🀀


SCOTTY B . 5 months ago

Great information πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ


elhombresfbay . 5 months ago

Sugar is making people fat. This guy sounds like so many fitness gurus: I am going to lie to you, this will create 3 effects. 1)when people fail they blame themselves not this guy. 2)this guy has it together they so keep coming back, that’s what this guy they wants. If he gives the truth you will stop watching him. 3) by lying he stays in the top 5% of people in shape in short, it’s all good for business. Stop watching guy I am.

andrew haber

andrew haber . 5 months ago

Thank you

Justin Towers

Justin Towers . 5 months ago

You actually got it. Fiber is indigestible n is not necessary for bowel movement. People on carnivore diet have proven this already. The goal of carbs is to refill glycogen stores for muscle building. The bran from brown rice n indigestible legumes cause digestion issues thus = inflammation n more energy spent digesting food n making you feel lethargic.


X O . 5 months ago

My relatives all ate white rice and glutinous rice (for desserts) and none of them were obese and they lived until 90-100 years old. White rice is not bad. But they did not go to fast food restaurants and buy processed food like people do these days.


X O . 5 months ago

Before IF was fad, I was doing it and eating steamed white rice everytime + protein (meat or fish) + vegetables. It was great! I don't know why people make it so complex these days.


Samantha . 5 months ago

Carbs are not the devil because 'they make you gain weight'. yes.. too much does but the issue with HG carbs is that a huge insulin spike means it takes longer to get to base line, and insulin is the hormone that stops fat burning. FACT. LG is better because although it still goes up, its not as high so takes less time to come down again. its personal preference. do what works for you.

SF Group

SF Group . 5 months ago

Please make a video to discuss sweet potato vs normal potato - why normal potato has such bad reputation? They are still vegetables, aren’t they?

Guilherme de marco

Guilherme de marco . 5 months ago

Carbs are carbs.... But..... God.. It's not that dificult to distinguish good carbs from bad ones... Just stay away from prosessed food... Get rid of your ice cream, refined sugar, m&m, chocolate, merengue πŸ˜‚


Andres . 5 months ago

Does anyone know if Onigiri is bad for you? It’s just a ball of white rice lol but I’ve heard that it’s healthy before

Victor Velasquez

Victor Velasquez . 6 months ago

Goodbye oreo shake goodbye gummy worms goodbye captain crunch this time forever


MAGOMA ENOCK . 6 months ago

I have lost 13.6kg since I discovered the existence of this guy.

Mike Woods

Mike Woods . 6 months ago



Reckzalツ . 6 months ago

1.25x speed. You are welcome πŸ˜‰


23Jpro . 6 months ago

Alright listen up rookies. This guy is speaking facts. Want to know the truth? You NEED TO EAT THE RIGHT TYPES OF CARBS. Do you really believe in the Keto diet being a long term life solution? Are you gona live your whole life without carbs? Feeling miserable and energyless? Like common. Good carbs are red potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, nuts, chick peas, and the ones he mentioned. Although you should still monitor the amount of grams you intake, these are for say β€œfriendly carbs”; and it’s also about what you do with the carbs. If you’re not working out, yes you will gain weight and not see progress. You guys need to do something with all that energy (Carbs) and you will see results. I’ve been taking 120 - 140 grams of carbs a day and have been building muscle and shedding weight.

Top Youtuber

Top Youtuber . 6 months ago

Very good videoπŸ‘

Black Marble

Black Marble . 6 months ago

Bruh I got ripped AF lifting and eating carbs

Don Ragnar

Don Ragnar . 6 months ago

Where’s he post that summarises this guys videos. Can’t listen to him take an eternity to get to the point with the monotone voice


superseyien . 6 months ago

Carbs are not preferred but prioritized as carbs converts to glucose in the blood and can be toxic if the concentration gets to high!

Alicia Lynn

Alicia Lynn . 7 months ago

I think they need healthier choices in food , most stuff people crave is fatty foods , even trying to eat heathy can break the bank , a lot of people I hear say I can eat fast food cheaper than cooking at home , like the vid tho πŸ‘πŸ»


adiamondsmile . 7 months ago

Yet professional bodybuilders eat white rice.


adiamondsmile . 7 months ago

Just do what I do and sprinkle cinnamon on your tongue. It works.

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