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Somewhere I Belong (Official Video) - Linkin Park

Linkin Park

Linkin Park

Published on 13 years ago

Linkin Park "Somewhere I Belong" off of the album METEORA. Directed by Joe Hahn.

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Comments :

Multiproyectos Europeos H.B.

Multiproyectos Europeos H.B. . 2 hours ago

Gundam wing... Best Gundam...

Ronald rojas saavedra

Ronald rojas saavedra . 3 hours ago

Linkin Park siempre estara en mi corazon ...Grandess¡¡¡¡¡

Eber Martinez

Eber Martinez . 6 hours ago

My Best part 2:29

Cj Halfhill

Cj Halfhill . 6 hours ago

We miss you more and more each day... thank your for making my highschool the best days! Rip..

Gelita Nuñez

Gelita Nuñez . 6 hours ago

Estupidos los que dan dislike deseguro ellos no tubieron nada de infancia y tal vez lo único que escuchan es a maluma difamando alas que nos tragieron al 🌏 😤


muzika08 . 10 hours ago

Linkin Park pa din!

Lhaney GR

Lhaney GR . 13 hours ago

2020 present . lima peru ....¡¡

kathrine kathrine

kathrine kathrine . 15 hours ago

Mgk here song


이재빈 . 23 hours ago

Wonderful, fantastic. The song of the God

Jordan Young

Jordan Young . 1 day ago

This song hits me really hard now since my lack of social confidence is now putting me in very deep waters with my job. Jeopardizing my only income.

John Neal

John Neal . 1 day ago

This is where I belong

Sebas V

Sebas V . 1 day ago

i knew them for this song, i was too kid in the times of crawling. but i love all their albums. this one and breaking the habit are my favourites.

angel dust

angel dust . 2 days ago

We will never forget you Chester

อํานาจ ทองมอญ

อํานาจ ทองมอญ . 2 days ago



SALIUS . 2 days ago


Riswan Yulistiawan

Riswan Yulistiawan . 2 days ago

From Indonesia 🇮🇩❤️


GameUnionTV . 2 days ago

RIP, Thanks for our youth, we will never forget!

muhammad hilmy falah

muhammad hilmy falah . 2 days ago

hy 2019 :)


Brian . 2 days ago

argentino que escucha es supermega musica


Ragnar . 2 days ago

This songs made me crying..

OmniShadow GodlyShadow

OmniShadow GodlyShadow . 2 days ago

I finally found you after 5 years

ahmad malek

ahmad malek . 3 days ago

its never getting old 👌👌😍

Rahul Joshi

Rahul Joshi . 3 days ago

Thank you Chester, thank you LP. You have saved me many times than anybody else. You'll always be in my heart Chazuchaz.

Dark v3k

Dark v3k . 3 days ago

Damn amazing 🤟☠️

Ashford Gorejena

Ashford Gorejena . 3 days ago

Chester you left too soon 🙁🙁


thisguy29785 . 3 days ago

NGL this got a lot of us through some tough times

Yogi Zekters

Yogi Zekters . 3 days ago

who is currently still listening to this song? like....

Reem Meer

Reem Meer . 3 days ago

I remember when this video dropped on mtv I was in the 3rd grade then the album dropped I got it for my 9th birthday damn the memories thank you L.P for making timeless music that still grows on me


Ricardo . 3 days ago

This song took over the world when it came out 🌎

Emina M

Emina M . 3 days ago

I started listening to linkin park wen I was 12, I'm 31 yrs old now, wen I here the songs it's like it's the story of my life, I feel the same way and suffer the same way as I did wen I was 12. Ther music helps me through the dark but yet nothing seems to change. Will it ever? In the end this awful curse seemed to take chesters life

Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin . 3 days ago

Shame they went so crap. Rip chester

Héctor Mellado

Héctor Mellado . 3 days ago

My friend committed suicide listening this song 🕇


TheSporehacker . 3 days ago

The Gundams in the background

Shadyna Innocent

Shadyna Innocent . 4 days ago

all I want

Jim Red

Jim Red . 4 days ago

does every LP songs about depression and suffering? anyone know 1 song from them that tell the story about love and happiness?


grayousious . 4 days ago

Gundam style!

Zachary Wagner

Zachary Wagner . 4 days ago

This was the first Linkin Park song and one of the first songs I've ever had listened to, rest in peace and heaven Chester Bennington 3/20/76-7/20/17.


PabloCruise91 . 5 days ago

I went to high school from 2004-2008, and I never paid attention to LP back then even though I heard them everywhere, but last night this song came on the radio while I was in traffic and I got chills.

Ryan Silver

Ryan Silver . 5 days ago

I have the red gundom

iron man

iron man . 5 days ago

Umur gue baru 6 tahun dan lagu ini tercipta


MYTHGUNDAM ONE . 5 days ago

Wing Gundam Zero, RX-78GP01 Fb and Sazabi.

Another Soldier

Another Soldier . 5 days ago


ivan muhammad

ivan muhammad . 5 days ago

1 desember 2019


jacko29810 . 5 days ago

Chester - the best singer and my hero forever <3


AMARAL . 5 days ago

quem não gosta dessa banda isso significa falta de cultura

awe Ruby

awe Ruby . 5 days ago

Running a marathon while listening I wanna heal i wanna feel what i thought was never real i cant believe i didnt fall right down on my face hollow and alone and the fault is my own

fary khawlhring

fary khawlhring . 6 days ago

I heard this song when I was 6 or 7 years. This is my first rap song I loved and a first rock song I loved.

adit aisyah

adit aisyah . 6 days ago


Vinicius Henrique Dos Santos

Vinicius Henrique Dos Santos . 6 days ago

2019 ?

Amir Khelifi

Amir Khelifi . 6 days ago

Una blle brano

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