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The Black Keys - Go ["Let's Rock" Tour Rehearsals]

The Black Keys

The Black Keys

Published on 5 months ago

Watch the tour rehearsal video for “Go” now ⚡

Catch the band on the "Let's Rock" Tour this Autumn. Get tickets now at http://theblackkeys.com

Sep 21 | Las Vegas, NV
Sep 23 | Denver, CO
Sep 24 | Kansas City, MO
Sep 25 | St. Louis, MO
Sep 27 | Chicago, IL
Sep 28 | Minneapolis, MN
Sep 30 | Cleveland, OH
Oct 01 | Nashville, TN
Oct 02 | Columbus, OH
Oct 04 | Milwaukee, WI
Oct 05 | Detroit, MI
Oct 07 | Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 08 | Grand Rapids, MI
Oct 09 | Toronto, ON
Oct 11 | Boston, MA
Oct 12 | Washington, DC
Oct 14 | Philadelphia, PA
Oct 15 | Brooklyn, NY
Oct 16 | Washington, DC
Nov 05 | Sunrise, FL
Nov 06 | Orlando, FL
Nov 08 | Raleigh, NC
Nov 09 | Atlanta, GA
Nov 12 | Houston, TX
Nov 13 | Austin, TX
Nov 14 | Fort Worth, TX
Nov 16 | Phoenix, AZ
Nov 17 | San Diego, CA
Nov 19 | Los Angeles, CA
Nov 20 | San Francisco, CA
Nov 22 | Portland, OR
Nov 23 | Tacoma, WA
Nov 24 | Vancouver, BC

Comments :

Keep the Ghost Light On

Keep the Ghost Light On . 2 months ago

Our tribute to these bad mofo’s https://youtu.be/DLyAi_7sVfQ

Robert Craig

Robert Craig . 2 months ago

This is good shit

K. K

K. K . 3 months ago

wish I could afford to go see this show. I love ac/dc. the stones but these guys are just as awesome

K. K

K. K . 3 months ago

I am moving to Greeneville  Tennessee in nov 2019  from the north east (maine) after my cancer treatment and looking to settle down in a quiet setting, but I head dan has a studio in Nashville?? maybe I can make a trip there ? I play bass bass and have played some of their songs . would be nice to see where a legend lives!!

Jordan Dahlquist

Jordan Dahlquist . 3 months ago

Just got my tics for Inglewood!!

Bluestogreen !

Bluestogreen ! . 3 months ago

I had to sit on the toilet for this one! Rock the shit out of me!!!

Zark's Viral Machine

Zark's Viral Machine . 3 months ago

Come to Peru please!

Luca Bedford

Luca Bedford . 3 months ago

i feel bad for Dan, i mean this song is so devoid of energy and passion and you can really see that he's struggling to play it


jomo999 . 4 months ago

Does anyone wish the album versions sounded more like these rehearsal versions? Lt's Rock feels a bit overproduced imo.


Bryan . 4 months ago

Put it on 1.05 speed to match the album


n3rds3y3vi3w . 4 months ago

i love when they switch the tempo up later in the song for a few bars and then speed it back up. reinforces the message of the song, even when you get some time to slow down and reflect, don't get too comfortable cause it won't be long before life calls again and you're back to the grind.

Seyithan Teymur

Seyithan Teymur . 4 months ago

How is this guy's guitars always so gorgeous?

Shark Man

Shark Man . 4 months ago

is it me or is this quite a bit slower than the studio version?


Eva99 . 4 months ago

oh fuck yes

Billie Joe Armstrong Playin Wonderwall In His Bass

Billie Joe Armstrong Playin Wonderwall In His Bass . 5 months ago

the proof that the crowd makes diference

Joe Janssens

Joe Janssens . 5 months ago

Dan has really honed his craft. Makes the blues sound better than ever, original and invigorating. Hope they keep rolling and minus the breaks.


theplourde . 5 months ago

I’d like to hear Fire Walk With Me.

François Breton

François Breton . 5 months ago

It would be great if you did small venues. Big arenas sucks.

Gustavo M

Gustavo M . 5 months ago

Sounds like iron man :)


sam . 5 months ago

Get yourself together Please be on the set list I LOVe that songgg

Peter Thepanda

Peter Thepanda . 5 months ago

Insane song, really like it. I do feel like the backing vocals are scooping a little too much. But all in all great live performance


Vincecouk . 5 months ago

Not exactly a 2 piece band these days huh?


calum . 5 months ago

What guitar is Dan playing here?


neozecat . 5 months ago

What’s this Les Paul like with TV Jones PU and a Bigsby ?


cayhec . 5 months ago


Gevorg Madzharyan

Gevorg Madzharyan . 5 months ago

Am I the only one who did not find dance floor tickets to their show? (only seats)

Joseph Muir

Joseph Muir . 5 months ago

‘Tis a pity that the floor isn’t GA like on past tours!

Strange Wayfaring Stranger

Strange Wayfaring Stranger . 5 months ago

So awesome. Makes me wanna see them, but up front tickets are like 300 bucks haha. I guess nosebleed seats would have to do.

Polett Leyva

Polett Leyva . 5 months ago

México, please.

Daniel Muniz

Daniel Muniz . 5 months ago

me fez lembrar credence .


LONE WOLF . 5 months ago

Now they're fuckin' back.

Charles Hale

Charles Hale . 5 months ago

Got those Buffalo Killers backing them on this one! Nice; glad to see they're still jamming


superreverb68 . 5 months ago

1:44 is a very sweet break.... clap..... clap...... clap.........

Ted Wilson

Ted Wilson . 5 months ago

Fat and old


GRGSTMY . 5 months ago

sound drumnya enak bgt dah.. jancuk

Wes Swartz

Wes Swartz . 5 months ago


Марат Сулейманов

Марат Сулейманов . 5 months ago



WeareMacanao . 5 months ago

director: so Dan, how many guitars u want? dan: Yes


JohnnyCullum . 5 months ago

Dky but It doesnt sound as good as the recording.. :-/

Admiralъ Kruzenshtern

Admiralъ Kruzenshtern . 5 months ago

Thor playing the bass with black keys instead of traveling with guardians of galaxy

Franco Bello

Franco Bello . 5 months ago


The Response

The Response . 5 months ago

Dan needs a rainbow guitar to match the drum kit

Chuck Stark

Chuck Stark . 5 months ago

33 people just don't like honest rock & roll.


AlbertCoRecords . 5 months ago

Dan better watch out that headstock could get him in trouble. LOL. Sounds great.


NeverSaySandwich1 . 5 months ago

I need reassurance that they'll play Fire Walk With Me at every concert on this tour


TokyoBlue . 5 months ago

I can't wait to see them live in a few months! They rock! What's that sweet guitar that Dan's playing, I want one

Migue Cruz

Migue Cruz . 5 months ago

no manches que chido vidio laik me suscribo

Arya Johari

Arya Johari . 5 months ago


Walter Dick

Walter Dick . 5 months ago

Very cool that the buffalo killers are the new backing musicians

Massimo b

Massimo b . 5 months ago

Omg a guitar and drums. Been a long time since I’ve seen that live and new! Hopefully rock and roll will make a come back

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