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Vivaldi Winter Rock Cover

irving yair hernandez bibiano

irving yair hernandez bibiano

Published on 6 years ago

Comments :

Мариамна Бажанова

Мариамна Бажанова . 11 months ago

Молодцы! Спасибо!!


ユカりん卍。ウオタミ . 1 year ago


Thomas Lesueur

Thomas Lesueur . 2 years ago


Jordan Weavers

Jordan Weavers . 2 years ago

Tempo is fucked up what is he doing? some notes too slow some too fast in the main bit... Other than that, sounds good

Léna Garcia

Léna Garcia . 3 years ago

Super !! est ce possible d avoir le backing track svp ? :)


KVM . 3 years ago

Вивальди никогда не устаревает, Браво !!!

Александр Калинин

Александр Калинин . 3 years ago

Not very fine performance, but nice

DK. S.

DK. S. . 3 years ago

Winter is Coming!!!!!

Rafael Reyes

Rafael Reyes . 3 years ago

great cover :) I love it


mamanesha100 . 4 years ago


Аркадий Угрюмый

Аркадий Угрюмый . 4 years ago

So so. Tomas Varnagiris played this better.

Аркадий Угрюмый

Аркадий Угрюмый . 4 years ago

So so. Tomas Vinigiris sounds better as for me.

Linn Kvelland

Linn Kvelland . 4 years ago

This is amazing! Classical music mixed with rock.. I love it!

Csaba Tóth

Csaba Tóth . 4 years ago

Nagyon király lett!

constance lüttich

constance lüttich . 5 years ago

where can i buy this song?

Markus Varlamovs

Markus Varlamovs . 5 years ago

Great!!!I love it!!!Call me!We need to play!:)-Markusdrumsound.   :):):)

Isaak Tolle

Isaak Tolle . 5 years ago

this is REALLY good! Vivaldi was a very talented composer and i LOVE metal covers of his songs


Ryo82 . 5 years ago

Bravo! ;)

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